Press Release:

Announcing: Hundo Instruments, a new musical instrument company based in Melbourne, Australia. 

Co-founded by artists and musicians Henry and Jack Madin (of local band The Harpoons), Hundo will produce unique, simple handmade instruments, designed with a focus on utility and ease-of-use.


Our launch

Hundo Instruments will launch at Schoolhouse Studios, Collingwood, with an interactive exhibition and pop-up shop, featuring a performance by Harpoons DJs. All guests will be invited to play the instruments.

Opening night: 6-8pm July 7th
Exhibition dates: July 7th to July 21st

Who are we?

Hundo Instruments is a new musical instrument company based in Melbourne, Australia, co-founded by musicians Henry and Jack Madin.

Our instruments are designed by Henry Madin. In his art practice, Henry creates large interactive pieces that encourage visitors to engage in the process of music. His work has been exhibited at Blindside Ari and Craft Victoria. You can read more about him in this feature by The Design Files, and on his blog.

Our brand

We have created the Hundo brand and these amazing photos with great help from Elise Grace and Nat Turnbull of Witu.


Co-founder Henry Madin: "We're both musicians, and we're always looking for simple tools to make our processes easier and more fun. I started making instruments because I couldn't find what I wanted in music stores. Hundo Instruments is an outlet that we can use to create things that we have always wanted but don't exist yet."

Our products

Hundo Basic A beautifully designed electronic drum-pad. This instrument can plug into any laptop or iPad, allowing you to play drums, sounds, pads or chords.

Hundo Marimba An acoustic marimba with a distinct uniform design, which allows you to change the order or selection of notes as you need.



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Instagram: @hundoinstruments




All photos by Elise Wilken, styling by Nat Turnbull