Shipping and orders

How long will it take for my instrument to arrive?

Our instruments are made to order. We will endeavour you have your instrument made and posted within 14 days. We do not have the facilities to process urgent orders.

Can I place a custom order?


Hundo Marimba: You can customise the notes that you would like to receive with your Hundo Marimba. You can also buy notes individually.

Hundo Basic: You can customise the MIDI channel and MIDI notes used by the instrument during online purchase.

Please email us if you have any questions.

What are your postage and pickup options?

Our postage is calculated by weight. You can check the total postage cost by entering your address into checkout before finalising your purchase.

Please contact us if you would like a Hundo product to be shipped internationally. We are happy to facilitate this!

Pickup is available from our studio in East Brunswick, Melbourne VIC. As our studio hours vary you must contact us before selecting this option in our online checkout.

What is your returns policy?

You can find our returns policy here.

How should I clean my Hundo instrument?

Apply multi-purpose spray to a cloth and gently wipe the surface. Do not clean after every use and do not apply excessive force. This will affect the wood finish. Some mallet scuffs may remain.

Hundo Basic

Does the Hundo Basic have velocity?

No. The Basic works as a trigger. It sends all hits to your computer via USB MIDI at the same velocity.

Can I hit more than one pad at a time?

No. You can only hit one pad at once. This makes miss-hits very uncommon, and can help your performance be more consistent. Please remember that this is a Hundo "Basic" and we will make more advanced drum-pads in time :).

Can I change the MIDI Channel and notes that my Hundo Basic uses?

No. But we can customise these options for you when you purchase a Hundo Basic. When you click "add to cart" in our store, a dialog box will ask you to choose what channel you would like your instrument to use, and give you the option to elect different MIDI values.

Can I use more than one Hundo Basic at a time?

Yes. You can use up to 16 at once! But they must be set to use different channels. Remember that you cannot change the channel after the instrument is purchased.

Do I need software to use a Hundo Basic?

The Hundo Basic will be recognised automatically by your computer or iPad, but you need to use audio software as the source of your sounds.

The Basic is just a trigger, therefore it does not make any sounds without a source.

We highly recommend using Ableton Live. The Hundo Basic will also work with Kontakt, Logic, Mainstage and Pro Tools.

Can the Hundo Basic work without a computer?

The Hundo Basic needs some sort of computer to function. It will work with Macs, PCs, as well as iPads and iPhones. 

To use the Hundo Basic with an iPhone or iPad, you will need camera connection kit and software such as Noisepad.